lunes, 17 de diciembre de 2012


This blog shows ideas, that we can use as teachers to give more interactive classes and catch better the students attention. 


 This tool  can help teachers integrate the Internet into the curriculum while creating fun instructional activities that motivate students and educators alike. This is  an easy way for teachers to begin to incorporate the Internet into the language classroom, on both a short-term and long-term basis - no specialist technical knowledge is needed either to produce or use them.
 We can use this tool rather than simply asking pupils to research a word or topic and trawling through a mountain of mostly irrelevant sites; or directing pupils to a single, is an useful site, the WebQuest provides directed learning using a number of sites as sources of information.

You can see my webquest: 

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viernes, 14 de diciembre de 2012


This tool is a great option to use it. As a teacher we can use a voki to introduce the course or topic. It can also be used to aid in instructing those who are more audio/visual learners.
There are endless ways of using Voki in your classroom. We can use Voki for any subject and any grade.
The Sandy Hook Elementary School students, teachers, and their families are in our hearts and minds today here at Voki. 



This program is really useful to create and explain of a different way a class. We can use in this program, different activities at the same time. e.g.  lesson plan, videos, power point presentation, among other. I consider excellent program, because we can manipulate it like we need  and we want. Also is a great idea to teach our students how to use it. So, Students can create nice presentation for their projects. 

Final project

In this final project you can find four interactive games very interesting, very useful to use in class. Also a small lesson plan explaining the objectives of the games and the procedure of each activity.

Jeopardy game

This game is easier to do, but you have to spend a lot of time, if you want to create a really nice game for your students. You can use imagines, animation, and all the necessary to create a interesting topic.

King Midas

I want to say that this activity is easy to create and very interesting to show in the class. With the effects inside of the story, help to captures the attention of the students easier. Also, help us as teacher to create an interesting class.